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How to Choose the Right SPSS License for You

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How to Choose the Right SPSS License for You


Are you a super user fully emerged in analytics, a lone wolf carrying the load, or someone who dabbles in the odd analytics project? Whether you are part of a team or a single user, whatever your analytical requirements are, there is an SPSS licence for you!

SPSS is a fully customisable analytical software. Due to the highly flexible nature of SPSS there are many different styles, types and terms of SPSS licences catering directly to your analytical requirements, installation environment and usage frequency.


Analytical Requirements


Undoubtedly, the first step in identifying the correct licence for you is to determine the correct analytical requirements. SPSS is a modular software comprised of 3 software suites, Statistics, Modeler and Collaboration and Deployment Services. The modularity of SPSS enables users to grow and advance analytical insights over time as users can start with basic analytical features and add additional functionality as their analytical maturity advances. When selecting your analytical software, it is ideal to discuss your requirements with an experienced consultant, however it is always useful to have an idea of the software’s components which are outlined here.



License Requirements


After identifying your analytical requirements, the next step is to uncover the best licence type and term to match your needs. This is dependent on how you use and interact with SPSS, your scalability expectations and your installation environment.

Lone Wolf

For individual users, Authorised User Licences can be installed on the authorised user’s individual computer. These licences are effective for users that have their own physical machine and are either solo analysts within their organisation or part of a small team of analysts.

Lone WolfThese licences are used solely by the authorised user. The end users never need to share access to their licence and they are always able to access it through their own physical machine. These licences are not compatible with virtual environments.

Team Analyst – Dabbling Member

If you are part of a large team generating insights for your entire organisation, then shared user licences or concurrent user licences are a fit for you. These licences are useful when there is a large number of end users, however not all end users need to access SPSS at the same time.

Team Analyst - Dabbling MemberWhen using a concurrent licence, SPSS can be installed on many end user machines, which are all connected to a shared network where an SPSS licence manager resides. This licence manager will then allow a specific number of users to use SPSS at the same time. These licences can also be deployed on virtual environments.

Team Analyst – Super User

When a team of users are sharing concurrent licences, often there can be a few super users that frequently access SPSS. This frequent usage blocks other team members from using a shared licence. If this super user is accessing SPSS from a physical machine, authorised user licences are a cost-effective option to free up the shared licence for other team members. This will enable super users to work alongside the team from their own authorised licence, and free up a costly shared licence.

Virtual Users

Virtual UserWhen SPSS end users are working from a virtual environment, concurrent user licences are required. This will ensure that the end user can always access the licence from their terminal machine. It also means that the end user can access SPSS from multiple machines or locations, provided they have access to a shared network.

Heavy Number Crunchers

If you are a heavy lifter in terms of the scale of data that you are analysing, SPSS has the ability to harness the processing power of your server. Both Statistics and Modeler have server licences which can be added to your software licence to speed up the processing time of your analysis.

Licence Type Overview


There are 2 primary licence types, Authorised Users and Concurrent Users. The below is a handy table of possible licence applications.


Authorised User

Concurrent User

Virtual Installation

Physical Installation

Remote Access

Server Pushback

Shared Licence

Individual Licence

Available in Short Term

Available in Long Term

With SPSS’s highly flexible and fully customisable analytical software, it is easy to get lost in the many different styles, types and terms of SPSS licences. Version 1’s extremely experienced consultants are on hand to help you find the best software and licence type for your analytical and usage requirements. Contact Version 1 to discuss your requirement and identify the best SPSS licence for you.

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