Predictive Analytics
for Healthcare

Evidence-based practice (EBP) enables healthcare establishments to understand what has happened in the past and present and to anticipate the probability of events happening in future.

Healthcare today faces numerous challenges. More than ever, we see a priority among Healthcare Executives to deliver solid information support structures to sustain evidence-based practice on the programs & services they oversee. Healthcare specialists are turning to Version 1’s statistical services and solutions to evaluate, develop and sustain a culture of best practice by creating insights from their most valuable asset: Data.

With SPSS Statistics, your healthcare organization can implement a data-driven model of care that improves quality, lowers costs and drives better patient outcomes.

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Predictive Analytics for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals are turning to Version 1 statistical services and solutions to evaluate, develop and sustain a culture of best practice by creating insights from their most valuable asset: Data.

Version 1 supports evidence-based practice (EBP) in Healthcare enabling organisations to understand what has happened in the past and present and to anticipate the probability of events happening in future in order to manage their resources in the most effective way possible.

Primary Analytics Solutions for Healthcare

Design the analytical solution that is best for your organisation. 

  • Medical Research

    Medical research generates massive amounts of data. Individuals and institutions involved in research rely on Version 1 to efficiently manage data collection, analysis, and reporting leaving more time to focus on the results and insight.

    Version 1 SPSS Solutions are easy to use and built on open architectures, enabling users to access and analyse data from various sources and deliver results in multiple ways. Our solutions are scalable, and capable of processing the large volumes of data that healthcare organisations typically generate. All of our solutions incorporate features that protect the privacy of patient and research subject data.

  • Infection Control

    Evidence shows that hospitals with the lowest infection rates have a strong surveillance and prevention program in place. Other studies have confirmed that the collection, calculation, and dissemination of surgeon-specific, surgical site infection (SSI) rates to surgeons were found to reduce SSI rates in all published studies.

    • Profile individuals to determine accurate treatment procedures. Identify patients most at risk.
    • Predict those likely to contract an infection during outbreaks – enabling appropriate control measures to be developed.
    • Prevent the progressive spread of disease by being prepared for emergencies and predicting infection outbreaks.
    • Provide early warning of increases in HCAI allowing for planning of control interventions. The link between monitored rates and prevention efforts.

    Version 1 Solutions support Infection Control by identifying the treatment protocols that lead to favourable outcomes. With Version 1 Solutions, providers can analyse all data sources, including patient histories and billing claims-even physicians’ textual notes. A number of powerful analytical techniques identify patterns in this data. When the analysis is complete, providers receive suggested optimal sequences of visits/events and treatment steps that lead to improved patient care and reduced infection rates.

  • Clinical Audit

    Compare your establishment’s practices with regional and national benchmarks and identify areas needing improvement.

    • Identify issues needing improvement.
    • Promote continuous quality improvement.
    • Be more confident about your accreditation process.
    • Provide information on the quality of care and prioritise the allocation of resources.
    • Monitor trends.

    Through better data management and reporting Version 1 helps healthcare professionals introduce a systematic and cyclical approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care within Health Services. Our solutions help you become more efficient at generating the data and reports needed to comply with quality, accreditation and compliance processes.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Innovative companies consistently look for ways to achieve their goals more efficiently. Predictive analytics technologies from Version 1 enable Healthcare providers to not only improve efficiency but also produce better results. From reducing re-admission rates to optimising staff scheduling, Healthcare providers can use predictive insight to, for example, optimise bed management, reduce waiting times, or fast track certain tests without increasing operational costs.

  • Protect Public Health

    Speed the discovery of patterns in disease and facilitate the communication of results through open, interoperable predictive analytics solutions.

    Many healthcare organisations use SPSS analytical solutions to monitor operational efficiency. We help our clients to achieve the following objectives enabling Healthcare Executives to better manage their resources and to understand how best to place limited budgets:

    • Reducing waiting time in A&E
      • How many patients will we have in the future?
      • When will A&E be the busiest?
      • How many members of staff are needed?
    • Improving the effectiveness of treatment
      • What is the most effective treatment?
        • What is the survival rate after diagnosis across each treatment?
      • Is there a difference between survival rates across the treatments?
    • Decreasing the number of patients readmitted after 30 days
      • Which patients are at the highest risk of being readmitted?
      • How can we choose which patients should stay?
      • What preventative action can be taken to stop them from being readmitted?
  • “I really enjoyed the training and it’s already helped me in a meeting today regarding data exports to be used in SPSS.”

    Hazel Quigley, Researcher Health Research Board

    “The examples were very good. Excellent course for general introduction to the subject Time Series Analysis & Forecasting.”

    Ajay Oza Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC)

    “I enjoyed the course; it will be of great benefit to my professional (and academic) work in the future – thanks!”

    Sharyn Carley St Brigid’s Hospital Balinasloe

    “Very interesting course with a lot of tools beneficial to my work. Customer care from very welcoming and good as usual!”

    Fiona Scullion Council for the Curriculum Examinations & Assessment (CCEA)

    “Excellent course showing the versatility of Syntax.”

    Diane Eller Northern Ireland Housing Executive

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