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No other industry is changing as fast as telecommunications.

As technology advances, service and pricing plans evolve, and the market becomes more saturated, telecommunications companies face increasing competition for customers. How are the top companies gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace?

Eight out of 10 telecommunication services companies on the S&P 500 use software from SPSS.

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Predictive Analytics for Telecommunications

Helping leading telecommunication organisations to use SPSS predictive analytics to gain the insight they need to make better, faster, more effective decisions. By learning more about their customers, and those customers’ preferences and needs, telecom companies can be more successful in this highly competitive industry.

Telecoms that use predictive analytics are in good company. Eight out of 10 telecommunications services companies on the S&P 500 have used software from SPSS. More than half of the telecommunications companies on the Forbes 500, Forbes International 500, S&P 500, S&P Global 1200, and S&P Europe 350 have also used SPSS software.

Primary Analytics Solutions for Telecommunications

Design the analytical solution that is best for your business. 

  • Analytical CRM

    Helping telecommunications managers answer specific questions about their customers that ultimately help drive profitability through tailored marketing.

    • Who: Which customer will buy this product?
    • What: Type of interaction is most appropriate?
    • Where: Through which touchpoint
    • When: At what point in time?
    • Why: Driven by what motivation?

    Real-time scoring enables you to deliver the right offer to the right person through the right channel with the right message

  • Planning and Optimisation

    A significant proportion of customers are on the wrong price plan and may be paying too much, increasing their likelihood to churn. Give them the best value bundle without impacting ARPU.

    Helping telecommunication companies use optimisation to:

    • Calculate the best price bundle for those at risk of churn.
    • Enable significantly shorter planning and decision horizons, resulting in cumulatively better decision making
    • Help the company increase revenues while minimizing the operational costs of running the service centre
  • Call Centre Optimisation

    What is the target for the first call resolution?

    How often do customers repeatedly contact the customer call centre to solve an urgent problem, but the line is always busy?

    Predictive Analytics delivers tailored information to call centre agents that pull together the most important data on the client. The data is drawn from different operating systems and from different models to provide the most relevant up-to-date information to the call centre agents.

    Predictive Analytics turns existing service call centres into revenue generators by accurately predicting sales opportunities, and retention risks, and delivering the appropriate scripts.

  • Fraud Detection

    How much money is lost through fraud? How does your compare its peers?

    There are many ways to avoid paying for telecommunications services, from stealing phone card numbers to bypassing phone circuitry. The result? Fraudulent activity costs the telecommunications industry billions annually, forcing some companies to go out of business.

    Predictive Analytics helps in detecting telecommunications fraud in real-time.

    In practice, this has led to:

    • Significant ROI
    • Significantly reduced telecommunications fraud for more than 150 telecommunication companies worldwide
    • Saved money by enabling real-time fraud detection
  • Reduction in Bad Debt

    Discover how to develop data mining applications to reduce bad debt. Use data to score customers’ credit risk, at the application stage, profile their normal or “at risk” usage and during the collections process when an account may fall into arrears.

    Helping telecommunications organisations reduce risk by:

    • An analytical methodology for identifying accounts profiles that have sequentially moved into and out of mercantile actions. These accounts are in severe debt and have had many collection actions such as service restrictions imposed against them
    • An application and set of models that score phone accounts at the application stage to identify their propensity to never pay or to be an account that will go into a high level of arrears
  • “Even before completing the final models, we were able to surpass our original target – and increase the campaign response rate by 100 per cent.”

    Stephen R. O’Brien BT

    “Seeing the world through the customer’s eyes is the heart of our business. Customer information and feedback is key to this process and is enabling us to take a proactive approach to one of our industry’s most pressing problems.”

    Federico Cesconi, Head of Customer Insight and Retention Cablecom

    “SPSS’s technology is highly intuitive, enabling analysis to be undertaken extremely quickly. For simple tasks we often get the answer we’re looking for in just a couple of mouse clicks —this is a true advantage to any competitive offering.”

    Federico Cesconi Cablecom

    “Version 1’s high level of expertise with the tools and deep understanding of our industry helped us to embed commercially valuable predictive analytic capabilities into our business processes and start realising the benefits very quickly.”

    Anthony O’Neil, Director of Planning, Insight & Analytics Eir

    “Because there is now a consistent approach to analytics across the business, it’s easy for our analysts in different departments to collaborate – enhancing our understanding of the factors behind churn. “

    Anthony O’Neill, Director of Planning, Insight and Analytics Eir

    “We are enthusiastic about the results so far. The software has far exceeded our expectations. SPSS enables us to quickly and effectively identify likely groups in our base of six million mobile customers for marketing actions aimed at value retention and value creation. We can quickly translate this valuable customer knowledge to segment-specific actions and get a much higher efficiency out of our marketing investments.”

    Leen Molendijk, Implementation Manager, Predictive Marketing KPN Mobile

    “Personalised up-selling recommendations enable many agents to generate value in a single contact, allowing them to recommend the purchase of certain products to the client they are speaking to.”

    Omar Rois Sogecable

    “Choosing SPSS Statistics Base and SPSS Modeler has been very advantageous. Proof lies in the results achieved and the fact that we rely so much on the tools. We will continue to seek other SPSS Inc. tools that will help us gain competitive advantage.”

    Market Planning and Bundling Department VTR GlobalCom

    Telecommunications Case Studies

    3 total results

    SPSS Medical Research
    Case Study

    Case Study – SiMobil

    To prosper in a crowded market, telecom provider Si.mobil wanted to find new ways to cut costs and boost revenues. It identified customer retention and handset investment as key areas for improvement. Si.mobil deployed powerful data modeling software to reveal deep insights into customer behavior – predicting whether customers are likely to churn and which handsets they are likely to choose. Predicting churn helps Si.mobil boost retention by 10 percent, saving EUR1.1 million a year.

    Case Study

    Case Study – Eircom

    Ireland-based telecommunications service provider eircom wanted to reduce the business risk of customers switching to its competitors’ networks by understanding the factors predicting churn. The company worked with the Version 1 SPSS team to implement IBM SPSS predictive analytics software – enabling it to identify which customers were most likely to switch, and why.

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