SPSS Survey Analysis

Survey Analysis

Use survey analysis to automate the categorisation process and provide greater value to survey research clients

Version 1 fully understands that different types of quantitative market research – such as academic research, consumer market research, product marketing research, and more – require different solutions. That’s why we offer you a full range of options, both in the technology we offer and in the services we provide.

You’re an expert at studying people’s attitudes, opinions, and experiences. We’re the experts at supporting you, offering an array of solutions and services to meet the highest standards of professional survey researchers.

Primary Survey Analysis Solutions

Version 1’s SPSS experts can consult and deliver a wide variety of Survey Analysis solutions.  Read more within the sections below. 

  • Data Collection

    Collect valuable customer insights through PDA, online, telephone or face to face

    In a crowded marketplace, and with a proliferation of do-it-yourself survey tools on the Web, research organisations are confronted with a number of significant challenges. The IBM SPSS research family enables you to meet those challenges head-on by extending and enhancing your ability to deliver high-quality, value-added results to end users.

    • Quickly and efficiently acquire clean data from the widest range of sources using an expansive array of methods.
    • Extend your survey reach to population segments that are hard to engage through conventional channels.
    • Deploy more representative and cost-effective surveys for deeper insight into customers’ thoughts and opinions.
    • Deliver surveys in many modes, over any channel, in many languages… from any location.
  • Statistical Analysis

    With IBM SPSS Statistics, you can get a quick look at your data, formulate hypotheses for testing, and then carry out a number of procedures to help clarify relationships between variables, create clusters, identify trends and make predictions.

    IBM SPSS Statistics enables you to automate basic reporting procedures enabling you to maximise efficiency and save time in the analysis of monthly tracker surveys.

    Additionally, IBM SPSS Statistics can help you perform the most basic data management/data transformation tasks, right up to advanced analytical procedures such as predicting behavioural patters.

    Statistics can also make it easy to ensure statistical significance in small samples and test hypotheses. 

  • Consultancy and Online Survey Hosting

    If you find that your data analysis efforts are being hindered by a lack of time our Team of Consultants are at hand to help you turn raw data, facts and figures into professional reports.

    Some of the areas where we can assist are:

    • Statistical Data Analysis
    • Online Survey Hosting and Deployment
    • Text Analysis
    • Brand Testing
    • Market Segmentation
    • Product Testing
  • SurveyTester

  • “Now that we are using SPSS with Version 1 we are able to extract meaningful and insightful data from our surveys in a more timely manner. This has real business benefits.”

    Graeme Stevenson Arts Council Northern Ireland

    “Choosing SPSS Statistics Base and SPSS Modeler has been very advantageous. Proof lies in the results achieved and the fact that we rely so much on the tools. We will continue to seek other SPSS Inc. tools that will help us gain competitive advantage.”

    Market Planning and Bundling Department VTR GlobalCom

    “With predictive analytics, we were basically able to close a hole in our pocket where money was leaking out steadily. We were also ready to show that this was just the beginning.”

    Bill Dibble Infinity Property & Casualty

    “IBM SPSS predictive analytics software has given us the means to learn systematically from our experience. By learning from the history, we can know today who will buy a given product in the future.”

    Ola Gistafsson Länsförsäkringar

    “Analytics gives us a method of assessing impact of factors that we may not be able to measure directly – so that we can do more with the data we already have, instead of making big investments in high-tech equipment.”

    Matthiew Lirette-Gelinas IBM Bromont

    “Course was excellently presented with a clear overview of research and statistics principles and the IBM SPSS Statistics software package. I found it challenging but very informative and a useful introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics.”

    Paul Sheehan Cork Simon Community

    Customer Survey Analysis Studies

    4 total results

    Case Study

    Case Study – MarketCast

    MarketCast needed to cross-tabulate huge volumes of data into a condensed, easy-to-read format that could be readily used by internal report writers, while simultaneously reducing both project turnaround time and the high number of “cut and paste” errors. They implemented IBM SPSS Reports for Surveys, complementing its core analytics engine, IBM SPSS Statistics and more than tripled their custom business over the last couple of years.

    SPSS Advanced Analytics & Deployment
    Case Study

    Case Study – Lansforsakringar

    Länförsäkringar wanted a more systematic way to analyze its wealth of customer data and to generate insights that would help optimize marketing campaigns and other customer interactions. Länsförsäkringar implemented IBM SPSS predictive analytics software to analyze large quantities of data from various data sources and effectively identify different patterns of customer behavior

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