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Understand what predictive analytics can do for your business.

Predictive analytics helps organisations anticipate change so that they can plan and carry out strategies to improve outcomes. By applying predictive analytics solutions to data, organisations can uncover unexpected patterns and associations, and develop models to guide front-line interactions.

Our SPSS Predictive Analytics solutions gives you the knowledge to predict and the power to act.

Our end-to-end predictive analytics approach ensures tangible benefits tailored to your needs

Understanding the questions that you want to answer is the first step. This leads quite naturally to the type of analytics and supporting software and services required to achieve those answers and provide insights into your questions. 

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Explore our SPSS solutions and find out how predictive analytics can benefit your business.

We understand that there is no one size fits all solution: it is all about selecting the best solution that will enable your vision for analytics – your practical business needs. Find out more about each solution below.

SPSS Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Use SPSS predictive modelling to target the right customers, identify dissatisfied customers by uncovering patterns of buying behaviour, and address customer service issues faster by correlating and analysing a variety of data.

SPSS Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

SPSS Predictive Maintenance and Quality solutions access multiple data sources in real-time to predict asset failure so that your organisation can avoid costly downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency.

SPSS Claims Management

Claims Management

SPSS Claims management costs comprise a significant amount of some insurance companies’ operational expenses.  Reducing claims management costs, even by a small amount, can have a significant, positive impact on your company’s performance.

SPSS Fraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Many businesses expect to lose roughly 5% of revenue to fraud each year, and even worse than the monetary loss that fraud incurs is fraud’s toll on customer trust and a company’s reputation. SPSS’s Fraud detection is about connecting the data points to discover potential fraudulent behaviour before it happens.

SPSS Advanced Analytics & Deployment

Advanced Predictive Analytics & Deployment

SPSS Advanced Predictive Analytics & Deployment covers the whole process of predictive analytics including the extraction of information from existing data, discovering usable insights and predicting future outcomes. We can help you turn the challenge of handling and extracting value from that information into a great opportunity to outperform your competitors.

SPSS Medical Research

Medical Research

SPSS Medical research generates massive amounts of data. Individuals and institutions involved in research rely on our expertise to efficiently manage data collection, analysis, and reporting leaving more time for you to focus on the results and insight.

Survey Analysis

Examine your data, formulate hypotheses for testing, and then carry out a number of procedures to help clarify relationships between variables. Our SPSS Survey Analysis expertise can deliver an array of solutions and services to meet the highest standards of professional survey researchers.

Smart Inventory Management

An integrated, pre-configured Analytics based Inventory Management to identify and remove obsolete stock and delivers immediate stock rationalisation. Optimise stock levels and reorder points using advanced analytics capabilities.

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