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Educators use IBM SPSS software for Commercial Teaching Applications to make critical decisions in a variety of administrative areas. Including institutional & operational research, enrolment & accreditation management, employee engagement, student affairs, and alumni development.

SPSS Statistics brings clarity to the combination of factors that leads to dropouts. You can identify at-risk students and intervene to ensure those students not only graduate but also succeed.

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Commercial Teaching Applications in Academia

  • Improve Student Retention

    Academics around the globe are looking to improve student retention rates while reducing costs through a process of using predictive analytics to identify students most at risk of dropping out of education. Predictive analytics technology can boost student retention rates by:

    • Predicting what are the factors that are causing students to drop out
    • Identifying student issues and key factors driving retention issues
    • Flagging students that have a high level of certainty of dropping out
    • Designing proactive intervention strategies at key stages during the student life cycle
  • Smarter Student Recruitment

    Boost student recruitment by:

    • Identifying factors impacting employability of prospective students
    • Adapting your recruitment process to select those most likely to succeed beyond traditional academic criteria
    • Targeting digital marketing
    • Insights discovered on your students from historical data
    • Profiling potential students effectively by using data on past students can drive future professional performance
  • Better Student Experience

    Improve student engagement and the student experience by using advanced predictive analytics solutions to:

    • Attract the right quality and quantity of students
    • Better target messaging
    • Provide a more personalised learning experience
    • Identify the factors that lead to student graduation and then career development/employability opportunities
    • Improve academic rankings by attracting better students
    • Select students with the highest potential
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