Banking & Financial Services

Predictive Analytics for
Banking & Financial Services

Obtain actionable insights from your data to achieve growth and avoid reputational risk

Rising customer expectations of the flexibility and personalisation being delivered by your competitors and other sectors.

Predictive Analytics for Banking & Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services face several challenges. These are: 

  • Rising customer expectations of flexibility and personalisation
  • No let-up in the continued attention by the regulators
  • Rapid shifts in customer behaviour in line with changing technology
  • Increasing levels of fraud coupled with significant shifts in its form
  • New competitors in the sector

Version 1 can enable you to obtain actionable insights from your data, improve the balance sheet, achieve growth and avoid reputational risk. 

Primary Analytics Solutions for Banking & Finance

Design the analytical solution that is best for your business. 

  • Marketing & Customer Experience

    Embrace the power of Advanced Predictive Analytics to provide differentiated and personalised customer experience. Use a holistic analytical marketing approach and a comprehensive CRM strategy that will support decision-making, optimisation and automation across different marketing activities and CRM operations in financial institutions.

    • Use Enterprise Data to leverage customer intelligence and personalize customers’ banking experience and satisfaction.
    • Reveal customer insights to identify new marketing opportunities and effectively address customer needs in real time.
    • Develop financial products or services tailored to banking behaviours.
    • Optimise offers by determining Next Best Action for individual customers, and drive profitability by presenting the right offers, in the right channel, at the right time.
    • Understand the factors behind customer acquisition, loyalty and retention and reduce churn.
  • Customer Insights

    Consolidate all available information from different sources of data, inside or outside the organisation, into a single structured and detailed set of marketing customer attributes and key performance indicators. This includes Financial Positioning, Product Ownership, Transactional Behaviour, Channel Preferences/Usage, Profitability and Customer Value, Credit Risk Information, and Investment and Loyalty Profile.

    • Serves as the data infrastructure for any CRM and Marketing Activity.
    • Provides the base for all reporting and predictive modelling needs across CRM and Marketing Departments.
    • Minimizes overall dependency on IT resources.
    • Delivers industrialised customer insights through the deployment of key performance indicators into Banks’ Operational Channels such as Branches or Call Centres.
    • Provides improved personalised customer experience and satisfaction, through data visualisation of customer insights into customers’ contact points such as mobile banking or online banking.
  • Customer Base Segmentation

    Develop segmentation schemes that divide customers into useful and actionable segments and reveal customer insights by exploring different aspects of customers’ banking behaviour (spending patterns, demographics, channels preferences, transactions activity, customer value index) during the customer lifecycle.

    Design marketing Analytical Strategies and match profitable products, based on customer segments to increase sales and generate profits by focusing on individuals’ customer banking needs.

    • Provides a greater understanding of customer profiles, needs and market trends
    • Uncovers variation in current, future and lifetime behaviour of customers and forms long-term CRM vision and marketing strategies
    • Guides New Products and Services Development tailored to customers’ banking behaviour
    • Supports the identification of marketing opportunities and design of targeted offers based on customer value, risk and price elasticity
    • Improves the efficiency and planning of banks’ sales channels and networks
  • Optimise Offers and Marketing Efforts

    Maximize profitability by using Advanced Predictive Analytics and propensity models for Banking to identify best prospects for new product offerings, increase existing products/services usage or substitute existing products and services with new more profitable ones.

    Predict the response to an offer and minimize marketing costs by determining customers’ Next Best Action or offer, weighted on banks’ profitability metrics and individual customers’ risk scores and assessments.

  • Customer Retention, Acquisition and Loyalty

    Adopt a proactive analytical approach to identify the risk factors that influence customer acquisition and retention, and prevent churn effectively, early in time to enhance customer loyalty.

    Determine early warning signals such as a reduction in transaction volume, credit spending or in deposit balances and send customized offers to the people most at-risk of churn.

    Combine Customer Insights from Segmentation models and offers optimisation to develop targeted retention campaigns.

    • Reveals changes or patterns in behaviours, indicating factors which may cause disloyalty or churn
    • Predicts churn and analyse risk indicators early in time with confidence
    • Develops effective and personalised customer retention strategies and improve products or services design to enhance customers’ loyalty
    • Examines Customer Service and Satisfaction, by using Text Analytics and analyse customer interactions such as Branch visits or call centre calls
    • Identifies the reasons behind customers’ disloyalty inside the organisation
    • Helps to Understand previous successes and challenges in trying to attract more and better customers
  • “Version 1 were brilliant. they helped us turn our situation around so that we are now spending 80% driving outsights out of our data and 20% of our time actually collating data. We are now able to concentrate our time and resources implementing our customer strategy.”

    Stephen Moran Bank of Ireland

    “We have no intention of changing our software, as we have been highly satisfied with all aspects of the solution. Simply put, our daily operations would be impossible to solve satisfactorily without IBM SPSS software.”

    Tamás Tóth OTP Bank

    “Without Modeler, it would be difficult to detect relationships between originators and beneficiaries who send and receive transfers internally. Criminals use these networks precisely because they won’t be detected by traditional systems.”

    Felipe Correa Bancolombia

    “With IBM SPSS Modeler, we have been able to transfer 80 percent of our money-laundering detection resources into bringing new business into the bank.”

    Francisco Ruiz Bancolombia

    “The training course was really beneficial with a balanced combination of theory and exercises! The training material was clear and practical, and Version 1's trainer using an interactive approach, was well organised and capable to cover all aspects and topics of the course thoroughly in a professional manner. I would highly recommend the course to others!"”

    Federico Nolasco, Data Analyst Solaris Consulting Ltd

    “I really enjoyed the course; it was exceptionally interesting and well-paced. I think it will be extremely beneficial in my work.”

    Padraig O’Brien Allied Irish Bank

    Banking & Financial Services Case Studies

    4 total results

    IBM SPSS Colaboration Deployment
    Case Study

    Case Study – OTP Bank

    OTP Bank wanted to improve the speed and efficiency of its mortgage, loans and lease application processes, and make accurate, evidence-based decisions more rapidly than the competition. Upon implementing IBM SPSS Modeler, they can now uncover patterns and predicts risks associated with each applicant. As a result, the bank can quickly identify and approve those with low risks, accurately assessing borrowers’ credits to develop more precise revenue forecasts.

    SPSS Claims Management
    Case Study

    Case Study – Fiserv

    Small and midsize banks and credit unions seek to attract, retain and grow profitable customer relationships while competing with the analytic capabilities of new mega banks. Working with IBM and using SPSS software, Fiserv is turning billions of transactions into actionable insights that help these banks better target offers and maximize their marketing dollars.

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