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The frequently asked questions below should help you in solving your most common inquiries. The first four bullets below address the most commonly asked questions regarding licensing and installation.

Your authorisation code will be sent via e-mail to the licencee of the software upon recipt of payment.If you have a specific query with regard to this or would like your authorisation code re-sent please contact our licensing team.

The authorisation code is a 20-character, alpha-numeric code which will unlock the purchased software and provide a license for use.

An authorisation code, in combination with a unique identifier of the hardware you are installing on called a lock-code, allows the user to retrieve a license code. The software is then licensed for the duration purchased. This is accomplished with through the License Authorization Wizard during the software installation process.

All IBM SPSS products are sold on an annual maintenance scheme. The annual maintenance fee includes ongoing use of the software, ad-hoc technical and statistical support and all software upgrades. The maintenance is invoiced annually on the anniversary of purchase.

When you installed you may have by-passed the permanent licensing of the software and installed in trial mode. This trial mode allows access for two weeks, at the end of which if you have not permanently licensed the software it will time-out. To remedy this, run the License Authorisation Wizard. Then, utilizing the authorization code provided with your order, you can license the software.If you licensed your software but are still receiving an expiration notice, please contact our technical support team with the error message and number.

The most common cause of these errors is based on the maximum allowable number of installations being met. For each purchase of IBM SPSS software, Presidion will allow a certain number of installations (associated with the authorisation code). Once that number has been met, no more installs are allowed. The number of allowable installs is based on the terms of the agreement you have with Presidion. Further questions in this area can be directed to our technical support team .

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