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IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Decision Trees 2 – Holdout Samples


This second video concentrates on using Hold-out samples to create more robust predictive models. In essence, using ‘new’ data to test a model’s performance before using in production.

How to Choose the Right SPSS License for You


Team Analyst - Dabbling Member

SPSS is a fully customisable analytical software. Due to the highly flexible nature of SPSS there are many different styles, types and terms of SPSS licences catering directly to your analytical requirements, installation environment and usage frequency.

IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Decision Trees 1 – Running Decision Trees


In this video, the first of a series, Alan takes you through running a Decision Tree with SPSS Statistics. Learn what settings to choose and how to interpret the output for this machine learning procedure that helps you to use your data to get better return on investment and focus in on the target groups of most interest to you.

The importance of Strategic Alignment for Successful Analytics Initiatives


If you have ever found that your company has engaged with Analytics initiatives that have not generated the level of success that was envisaged despite appearing to provide good insights, or that your attempts to start Analytics in your business is falling on deaf ears, then, quite likely, your Analytics initiatives are not properly aligned with your company’s Strategy.

IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Custom Tables 4 – Building Stacked Tables & Web Reports


In the 4th video of our series you will learn how to build stacked tables, format them and choose the results you want to send out to a web report.

IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Custom Tables 3 – Running T-test & Building Bar charts


In this video you will learn how to tailor your tables, run T-test & create bar charts to build better and more visual reports!

5 Steps to Getting on the Right Track in MRO Inventory Management


In June 2018, I was invited to speak at the UK Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference in Coventry on the Subject of MRO Inventory Management. Based on the standing room only, it was obvious from the start that this is a growing pain for organisations, large and small.

IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Custom Tables 2 – Running Chi-square tests


In this video you will learn how to protect respondent's identity and boost the statistical power of your chi-square test with just a few clicks!

E2E Sustain: Deployment in Advanced Analytics Projects


Best practices and key considerations before, during and after deploying an analytical initiative to maximise RoI and achieve a high impact on business and operations.

IBM SPSS Statistics Videos: Custom Tables 1 – Creating, Styling and Editing Custom Tables


In the first video of the IBM SPSS Custom Tables series you will learn: How to build custom tables, editing and formatting your tables, and how to collapse categories. These features will help you build cleaner and more customised tables, faster!

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