SPSS Analytics Partner | Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition (UK)

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition (UK)

Presentations Available for download

After the success of the event and the interest shown on our solutions, we want to share with you our two speaker’s presentations.

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Presidion will be speaking and exhibiting at the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference on June 26th in Ricoh Arena, Coventry (UK).

Visit our Stand (F10) and learn more about our Inventory Insights and Predictive Maintenance Solutions.

About the Event

The National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Exhibition will be held at Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on the 26th of June 2018.

New approaches and technology have been introduced in recent years that have created significant organisational and process improvements. The aim of the conference is to showcase such innovative approaches and to disseminate the cutting edge research that underpins them.

Manufacturers small and large from across the country will gather to challenge political decision makers to deliver a business environment which manufacturing deserves. Delegates attending the conference will:

– gain industry insights to help their business plan ahead
– share good practice and learn from each other’s experience
– connected with senior business leaders to find new business opportunities
– meet with key technology providers in the dedicated exhibition area

About Presidion and our solutions

Presidion is a specialised Advanced Analytics Solutions Company that help its customers deliver tangible RoI through actionable data insights.

Our Inventory Insights Solution is an Analytics based Inventory Management capability that will enable you to reduce your inventory levels by up to 40% by removing obsolete stock and optimising stock levels and reorder points. More about Inventory Insights

Our Predictive Maintenance Solution access multiple data sources in real time to predict asset failure so that your organization can avoid costly downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency. More about Predictive Maintenance

About the Speakers & Presentations


Pierre Baviera, CEO

With a background in Engineering and Management, and having held leadership positions within multiple companies, Pierre has extensive experience helping organizations across the globe transform their business, with a special focus on technology and innovation. Presidion a specialised advanced analytics solutions company – helping their customers to leverage their data to deliver tangible performance improvement across a variety of topics including Sales/Marketing Effectiveness, Manufacturing Process Optimisation, Asset Reliability, Stock Optimisation etc.


Presentation – 10.30 – Seminar 2

Do you want to reduce your Maintenance Operating Costs by 25%? – think Predictive Maintenance

Unlike the consumer sector, manufacturers have been using IoT for years. Properly focused IoT capabilities have driven huge change and ROI in manufacturing across a range of operational applications. However, in many instances, it has become a self-perpetuating data gathering exercise with no real focus. IoT is not an end in itself and needs to have clear business goal and ROI. Linking your IoT to a practical application like Predictive Maintenance can drive significant ROI and put a clear structure on your IoT roadmap and measurement of success. Predictive Maintenance (PdM): the use of Advanced Predictive Analytics and multiple historic data sources, aims to predict when and where an asset will fail (and why). This capability offers manufacturers the opportunity to reduce operating costs (10-25%) and product development costs (25%).

Rob McCullagh, Strategic Account Director

For the past 17 years Rob has been helping organisations use their data to answer the business questions that are keeping them awake at night.
In business, his goal is to help provide timely, meaningful and actionable information based on a myriad of data that delivers actionable insight.
Through the use of Advanced Analytics, he helps deliver answers that get executives excited about what they can now achieve. Data mining is a collaborative process and he typically hears the expression” Now, that’s really interesting” as they uncover new insights about a specific business challenge.


Presentation – 12.15 – Seminar 3

Reduce inventory levels by up to 50% and optimise reorder points with Presidion Inventory Insights

Balancing inventory holding levels and service levels is never an easy task. Further, few organisations have the skills, tools or bandwidth to achieve a bird’s eye view of which stock items are fast or slow moving and to continually readjust reorder points based on lead times and distribution frequencies. Presidion Inventory Insights is a visual, interactive, integrated, and preconfigured Analytics based Inventory Management capability. It will help you to idenfity potentially obsolete stock and suggest more optimal reorder points for frequently issued stock items. It also provides a detailed profile and understanding of both the levels of invetory you hold as well as the quality of data maintained.

Download Presentations

– Pierre Baviera: Do you want to reduce your Maintenance Operating Costs by 25%? – think Predictive Maintenance

– Rob McCullagh: Reduce inventory levels by up to 50% and optimise reorder points with Presidion Inventory Insights

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