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Presidion (formerly SPSS) are a Premier IBM Analytics Business Partner. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering IBM i2 services which will help you close the loop between predictive fraud identification through to investigation.

This involves initially identifying the cases, with the highest propensity to be fraudulent, and to structure this for investigation based on a positive investigation outcome. Then exploring investigation strategies – from the initial detection to effectively managing investigations, response, risk assessments, and the changing face of digital forensics, including how to deal with data technology challenges.

“Walk away with proven strategies of how YOU can proactively identify and stop fraud in your organisation.”

Our success is underpinned by our ability to understand your objectives and align our solutions seamlessly to these. We are your trusted analytics and insights partner helping you realise long-term fraud goals, reduce organisational investigation costs to provide you with a higher cost to success ratio.


IBM i2 is a leading provider of intelligence analysis, law enforcement and fraud investigation solutions. As part of IBM, i2 offerings deliver flexible capabilities that help combat crime, terrorism and fraudulent activity.

The impact of fraud costs organizations an estimated $3.5 trillion annually; or 5% of revenues, as well as damaging brand and reputation.

IBM i2 fraud intelligence offerings provide the tools for government and commercial organizations to track and analyze fraudulent interactions, and seize the opportunity to identify, detect and disrupt fraudulent activity.


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IBM i2 law enforcement solutions can help agencies collect, integrate, analyze, visualize and distribute information to officers virtually anywhere—in operations centers, investigative offices, on patrol or at a scene—while sharing information with other parties.

IBM i2 defense and national security solutions deliver flexible intelligence analysis capabilities to quickly identify and assess the levels of threats posed, and to aid the exchange of intelligence between forces and organizations. These offerings are engineered to help forces combat terrorism and to maintain national security.

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