SPSS Analytics Partner | Webinar: Predictive Quality

Webinar: Predictive Quality

Deliver High Quality Products & Maximise Profit Margin

Recorded on Thursday 23rd March 2017

Quality issues lead to high production costs, low production yields and high scrap rates that erode margins. Applying Predictive Analytics to your production line allows you to predict when asset behaviours associated with poor quality products are going to occur. Predicting these asset behaviours provides the time to intervene to protect production quality and brand reputation

Watch this recorded webinar from March 23rd where our speakers shared their experience in the industry.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how Predictive Quality uses multiple data sources to identify unique patterns in asset behaviour to predict quality issues
  • Discover how you can apply Predictive Quality to your own production line to reduce scrap, costs and warrantee rates
  • Hear from our in-house experts on the best approaches for getting started with Predictive Quality and the types of returns you should expect

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Predictive Quality – Deliver high Quality Products & Maximise Profit Margin

Recorded on 23rd March 2017


Keith Mobley

Internationally recognised Thought Leader, Executive Advisor in the area of Maintenance and Reliability.

Keith Mobley has 50 years of combined business, finance, engineering and consulting experience. He has held corporate positions including President and CEO of international business transformation consulting company and E.V.P. COO of international process system manufacturer for 25 years. He has written numerous publications on such topics as plant performance, maintenance engineering, maintenance management, and predictive maintenance. He is also a contributing editor for Plant Services magazine.

Laura Watts 

Strategic Account Manager at Presidion

Working on the front line with customers for the last 5 years, Laura is skilled in developing unique analytical strategies for customers. She brings her mathematical background from academia to the manufacturing environment and is easily able to identify where, when, why and how Advanced Predictive Analytics should be applied and relay this to the organisation while keeping specific business goals at the forefront. Each analytics roadmap is developed to suit each individual organisation and ensure their analytical journey is a success.