SPSS Analytics Partner | Webinar: Hot Tech Tips for using SPSS Statistics – Part 7: ANOVA & Non-Parametric Tests

Webinar: Hot Tech Tips for using SPSS Statistics – Part 7

ANOVA & Non-Parametric Tests

In this webinar we share top tips and tricks for running ANOVA and non-parametric tests along with more advanced forms of ANOVA that will enable you to compare and analyse differences among groups.


You will learn:

  • Intro to ANOVA: what it is, when to use it and the many different types
  • Tips for testing assumptions in your data before running tests so that you can have confidence in your results
  • What to do when you’re data doesn’t meet the assumptions
  • How to take the ANOVA test a step further with the right post-hoc tests to pinpoint which group is different
  • Real life tips for running a more advanced form of ANOVA

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Hot Tech Tips for using SPSS Statistics – Part 7

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