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Introduction to Automation with IBM SPSS Statistics (Syntax)

1 Day Course

This one-day course enables you to automate repetitive or periodic analysis & reporting using the IBM SPSS Statistics command language, Syntax. This course will enable you to perform an analysis or create reports; then by using IBM SPSS Statistics automation functionality you will be able to rerun these analyses or reports periodically. This course enables a massive increase in your productivity.

  • Intro to SPSS Syntax
  • Creating and Running Syntax
  • File Manipulation
  • Transformations with Syntax Procedures
  • Automation of Syntax

Course attendees will receive a manual and sampled data files at the completion of this course.

Best for: Analysts and researchers who are interested in automating their work and learning tips improving the repeatability and reliability of their work.

Course Duration

1 Day

Experience Level

Mid Level

Upcoming Dates

27th September 2023 (1 Day)


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