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Express Course: Getting Started in IBM SPSS Modeler

2 Hours

This two hour course is an introduction to IBM SPSS Modeler. Attendees will learn the basics, such as working in Modeler, loading and auditing data, common data preparation tasks, and how to build models. Model building and evaluation will also be reviewed. This course will cover the following topics:

  • Main features of the user interface
  • How to load and audit data
  • How to quickly create new fields
  • Model building and evaluation

Course attendees will receive sample data files and step-by-step exercises that can be completed following the course.

Best for: Anyone who wants a quick start in IBM SPSS Modeler that includes main features, loading data, creating new fields and simple model building and evaluation.

Course Duration

2 hours

Experience Level

Beginner to Mid Level

Upcoming Dates

8th February 2023 (2 hours)


12th April 2023 (2 hours)


7th June 2023 (2 hours)


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