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How to Choose the Right SPSS License for You

SPSS is a fully customisable analytical software. Due to the highly flexible nature of SPSS there are many different styles, types and terms of SPSS licences catering directly to your analytical requirements, installation environment and usage frequency.

“… The beauty of me is that I’m very rich”

While I’m not sure this statement is true when referring to people, I really believe it is true when talking about data. I have absolute belief in the richness of data and its ability to enable us to make evidence based decisions.

The importance of Project Management in Analytics engagements

One of the most important elements of any data analytics project within any business is Return of Investment. Can Analysts successfully perform the role of Project Managers and manage their own projects or do they need a separate Project Manager?

7 Lessons I wish I paid more attention to on every Predictive Analytics Project – All assumptions are false!

How many times do you have to be told something before you believe it? Do you have to experience failure first hand before you really learn the lessons?

What makes a good Data Analyst? – 8 Pointers a good analyst should strive to develop

Do you think you are a “good” Analyst? Are there certain traits, attributes and qualities that can make you outstanding in your chosen field? If so, how can we transform these personal skills into practise that can help generate success in what we do? These are habits that can be mastered to achieve greater benefits. This article is written directly to analyst(s) who strive to become a champion in his or her role.