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E2E Discover: What is Analytics?

Analytics is being discussed more and more often in top table conversations, but why do so many organisations still struggle to get to grips with it?

Infographic: Data Audit – Advanced Analytics

A 3 step process to Understand, Assess and Audit your Data for Advanced Analytics.

Infographic: Technology Review – Advanced Analytics

Presidion’s Framework Approach for a Technology Review involves a 3 step process, leading to the recommendation of the right mix of Technologies, SW and Tools for Data Science and Advanced Analytics implementations.

War Stories – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There are times when deploying advanced analytics initiatives can feel like you are in a war. There are times when deploying advanced analytics initiatives can feel like you are in a war. Let me tell you about my experience, told as war movies!

“… The beauty of me is that I’m very rich”

While I’m not sure this statement is true when referring to people, I really believe it is true when talking about data. I have absolute belief in the richness of data and its ability to enable us to make evidence based decisions.

Crisis Management and Advanced Analytics

As I observe and read about the raging fires causing massive destruction, I have been reflecting on how companies react and respond to crisis mode, and what they can do to move from firefighting to strategic prevention and management.

How Predictive Analytics helps get the ‘Bikini Body’

The science and psychology to get the 'Bikini Body' you have always wanted (with Predictive Analytics).

Why Analytics makes people nervous?

The reasons behind, and some hints to help you during difficult conversations and challenging situations!

Analytics is a Waste of Time

When you start with Analytics you might feel overwhelmed, you have all that incredible power in your hands but don’t know how to wield it most effectively. From my own experience I can tell you that starting with Analytics is not different from learning a new language or how to play a musical instrument, the more you practice, the better you get. So just how do you go about getting the most from this valuable asset? You can start by not making any of these five common mistakes.

Enhance Customer Experience in Insurance with Analytics

Reports from the insurance industry consistently highlight that the quality of customer experience remains the biggest factor driving customers to remain loyal or switch to another insurance provider. Hence, the focus should be on how to improve the quality of the customer experience rather than reducing fraud.

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