Open Source Analytics Solutions

Open source analytics solutions are developed by a global community of statisticians, analysts and programmers to enable you to bring the power of predictive analytics solutions to your business in a cost effective manner.

Developed collaboratively and distributed free of charge open source solutions are used by organisations across industries. From cross sell modelling in customer focused businesses to survival analysis in medical trials and forecasting for utilities open sources solutions are powerful tools in your organisations analytics arsenal.


Spend Less on Licencing

Free to use open source tools allow you to spend scarce resources on people and projects rather than on costly licencing.


Modular Approach

Open source solutions are not closed systems. New modules are in constant development. If the base package does not do what you need then there will be an add-on freely available that does.



There is an active community supporting open source solutions. This means that there is a group of people willing and enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and helping you in the pitfalls on your journey.



Coding based solutions deliver a lot of flexibility to the end user in terms of integration with other products and approaches to solving a problem. You are not forced to use someone else’s solution to solve your problem.

Our Open Source Solutions

Presidion’s open source solutions give you the flexibility to carry out the analysis that you need to drive your business forward:



Reporting Generate smart reports and dashboards using R
Analysis Develop advanced analysis to drive ROI using R and Python
Big Data Analyse big data using the power of Spark and Hadoop
Text Analysis Get to grips with your organisation’s text data using Natural Language Processing Toolkit in Python

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