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IBM® SPSS® Statistics Standard offers statistical procedures you need to make your analysis more reliable, so you reach more dependable conclusions while at the same time allowing you to automate your basic reporting.

IBM® SPSS® Statistics Standard is used in a number of fields to address fundamental business and research questions.

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If you need an analytical package that combines the standard statistical procedures and functions that most analysts use on a day-to-day basis, choose IBM SPSS Statistics Standard:


Common Additions:

  • People within your organization are making hundreds-perhaps even thousands-of critical decisions every minute. But how do you make sure all those decisions optimize the bottom line?Predictive analytics helps connect data to effective action by drawing reliable conclusions about current conditions and future events.Predictive analytics leverages an organization’s business knowledge by applying sophisticated analysis techniques to enterprise data. The resulting insights can lead to actions that demonstrably change how people behave as customers, employees, patients, students, and citizens.Combining predictive analytics models with organizational business knowledge provides insight into such critical issues as customer acquisition and retention, up-selling and cross-selling, fraud detection, and outcome improvement. Solutions include:
  •  IBM SPSS Modeler Professional – Make better predictions with predictive intelligence.
  • IBM SPSS Modeler Premium – Make more accurate predictions by integrating unstructured text data from call centre notes, e-mail, Web 2.0, open-ended survey responses.
  • IBM SPSS Modeler Server – Improve performance and scalability in high-volume environments.

IBM SPSS statistical services and solutions are enabling Healthcare Professionals to evaluate, develop and sustain a culture of best practice by creating insights from their most valuable asset: Data. IBM-SPSS supports evidence based practice (EBP). The following is our common solution for clinical audit, patient satisfaction, infection surveillance and medical research:

You’re an expert at studying people’s attitudes, opinions, and experiences. We’re the experts at supporting you, offering an array of solutions and services to meet the highest standards of professional survey researchers.

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