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Public Sector SPSS Case Studies

Case Study

Case Study – Arts Council of Northern Ireland

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is a public sector establishment that distributes public money, National Lottery funds and other public sector body contributions totalling approximately £ 12 million per annum. This funding supports the development and delivery of a wide variety of arts projects, events and initiatives, primarily across 97 organisations in receipt of core and programme funding throughout Northern Ireland. The Arts Council fulfils an extremely important role in collaborating with and providing financial support to a wide range of creative organisations; from production to performing artists that engage with local communities to deliver arts programs based on themes that resonate with various groups across society.

Survey & Market Research
Case Study

Case Study – IDS TILDA

IDS-TILDA aims to give policy-makers insight into the needs of older people with intellectual disabilities (ID). Gathering data from this vulnerable population in a sensitive and ethical way was a key challenge. The IDS-TILDA team used IBM® SPSS® software to design an accessible survey, and developed complementary supportive graphics for persons with low literacy to help illustrate many of the questions.