Student Retention

Education institutions need to attract the right quality and quantity of students and keep them for as long as possible. Interaction with students at key stages is crucial in order to enrich the student experience and ensure the student journey comes to completion.

Academics need to proactively manage the profiling, attraction and retention of students. By employing predictive analytics with data from different sources, messages can be better targeted, issues can be predicted early and intervention plans developed. This enables a holistic view of every single student and contributes to a personalised learning experience.

If students find that a particular course can combine education and their chosen subject and help them achieve their goals, their chances of completing would increase significantly.

 Case Study

Keeping Students on Track – American Public University System turns to predictive analytics to boost student retention and academic excellence. Read more

 White Paper

Predictive Analytics Solutions for Education – Empower your institution to make the right decision every time. Read more

Let Presidion’s industry leading expertise in advanced analytical techniques help you achieve your goals by:

  • Conducting data-driven analysis of student behaviour and course surveys
  • Identifying student issues early on – learning problems, financial challenges or difficulty fitting in with institutional culture.
  • Predicting with a high level of certainty whether a student is at risk of dropping out
  • Enabling proactive intervention strategies for under-achievers
  • Driving your University/College up the rankings

 Case Study

Hamilton County Department of Education – Achieving record school graduation rates and helping students progress with predictive analytics. Read more

 Case Study

University of Western Sydney learns the secrets of student retention – Harnessing predictive analytics to understand and address the key causes of student attrition. Read more

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