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How do you know if a prospective customer is a credit risk or the type of person or organisation that pays every bill on time? The people who directly interact with your customers need real-time answers when making decisions about which services to offer to customers and prospects. What if you could provide real-time credit scoring models to every decision maker or decision-dependent computer system in your company?

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With predictive analytics solutions from Presidion, you can derive models from historical and sampled data. This enables you to classify information for new customers and deliver credit scores that provide a rational basis for decisions. Credit scores can be delivered in real time to either a person or a system, so decisions are based on an accurate customer or prospect profile.

You can also use predictive analytics solutions from Presidion to help find optimal billing plans for subscribers who have poor credit ratings or are credit risks. By tailoring plans for these customers, you can reduce the risk that they’ll default on their payments, while increasing your revenue stream.

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