Advanced Predictive Analytics & Deployment

Presidion Advanced Predictive Analytics & Deployment covers the whole process of predictive analytics including the extraction of information from existing data, discovering usable insights and predicting future outcomes. Most importantly, the outputs are usable and are deployed to your operational systems in a secure and effective environment.

Combining predictive models with business knowledge provides key insight to better understand your business environment, customer needs, preferences and behaviour; facilitating the identification of potential opportunities and risks for the company.


In the age of Big Data, organisations are collecting huge amounts of data on daily basis. With this explosion of information, we help companies to turn the challenge of handling and extracting value from that information into a great opportunity to outperform their competitors. By applying Advanced Predictive Analytics & Deployment to their data, decision makers have now access to, not only information of what has happened in the past, but also accurate and usable predictions on what will happen in the future.


Some of the applications of this solution:


  • Predict Customer behaviour: reduce churn, increase customer acquisition, optimise up-sell and cross-sell programs, etc.
  • Optimise Claims handling: identify fraudulent claims, flag legitimate claims for efficient processing etc.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Quality control: predict process failure before it occurs, quality control optimisation, stock forecasting, etc.


This solution can deliver automated and secure, analytics results, when and where they are required. By deploying these solutions in a secure, auditable, environment it frees resources to pursue other areas for improvement.

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