Tailored Training

SPSS Analytics Partner’s tailored training service is designed precisely to meet your specific needs and is delivered when you need it most. Whether you require focused training, advice on survey design & reporting, advanced statistical techniques, or data mining – we can help. We cover all aspects of IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeler to bring you to the highest level.

Why would I choose tailored training over a standard course?

  • Ultimately, you’ll save both time & money –our promise to you is premium support that is focused and consultative to meet your project needs.
  • Speed– get the expertise and support when you need it.
  • Confidence – be certain that your results are accurate & can stand up to scrutiny.
  • Flexible to your needs – a consultative training package can take place on-site or in our offices in London or Dublin, on a one to one basis or to a wider audience.

Our consultants are IBM SPSS experts who have a minimum academic qualification of Masters Level & strictly adhere to industry best practice. We can show you how to make evidence-based decisions & target your budget spend for a more effective ROI. Now, you can be confident that when you need additional support, you’ve got it.

You can be 100% confident in your analysis, results & decisions by working with our consultancy team and with over 40 years combined experience, you are in excellent hands.

Popular aspects to include in a tailored training session are:


IBM SPSS Statistics

  • Syntax for Automating processes.
  • Regression Analysis to make predictions about the value of target variables.
  • Categorical Data Analysis to rigorously evaluate relationships that exist between data fields making up a table report.
  • Decision Trees to understand the key drivers associated with a specific data field and build predictive models for these data fields.
  • Cluster & Factor Analysis to gain a solid understanding of data reduction techniques and understanding factors influencing behaviour.
  • ANOVA Techniques to detect differences between groups on one or more key measures.
  • Time Series Analysis & Forecasting to gain an understating of when, why and how to build models for time series data.
  • Survival Analysis to understand the theory of Survival Analysis, special features of survival data, and build regression models for survival data.
  • Advanced Statistics to determine how best to address a research question how to apply this understanding to data.
  • Biostatistics to answer research questions in the biosciences through statistical data analysis.
  • Statistics for Sampling to design an optimal sampling plan and carry out analysis, deriving the most information from your resource commitment.


IBM SPSS Modeler

  • Advanced Data Preparation and Data Manipulation using IBM SPSS Modeler in order to uncover hidden insights from raw or unstructured data and transform them into an appropriate format for advanced Modelling
  • Supervised Modelling for Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, Churn and other Propensity and Classification Models, using widely used algorithms such as Rules Induction/Decision Trees and Logistic Regression
  • Unsupervised Modelling for Segmentation purposes using Clustering Algorithms to identify natural groupings with similar characteristics within a common database
  • Association Rules for Market Basket Analysis
  • Text Mining Analytics to deliver high-quality information from text fields, such as communications with customers
  • Forecasting and Regression Analysis using IBM SPSS Modeler in order to predict numeric values such as Sales or Demand
  • Model Performance and Evaluation

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  • "The one-to-one training in Modeler was great – very hands on, very personal. There were so many opportunities to ask questions and afterwards I was in a position to dive right in to my analysis of our wholesale data."

    Emily Brick
    Data Analyst at Musgrave
  • "I really enjoyed the training and it’s already helped me in a meeting today regarding data exports to be used in SPSS."

    Hazel Quigley
    Researcher at the Health Research Board
  • "The training course was really beneficial with a balanced combination of theory and exercises! The training material was clear and practical, and Presidion's trainer using an interactive approach, was well organized and capable to cover all aspects and topics of the course thoroughly in a professional manner. I would highly recommend the course to others!"

    Federico Nolasco
    Data Analyst at Solaris Consulting Ltd
  • "Presidion trainer was great; she was able to explain technical stuff in a language that we all understood. Now we know all we need to make the most of the software."

    Mr. Colin Thomas
    Cat Protection UK
  • "Excellent course. Very comprehensive. Of huge benefit in knowing what statistics to use where and how to get the most out of questionnaires."

    Marie Power
    Farrell Grant Sparks Consulting
  • "Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course & found it extremely useful. SPSS is not as scary as I originally thought. Extremely worthwhile course!"

    Amanda McErlene
    Public Health Dept, North West Area HSE
  • "The course was very enjoyable and the trainer was very helpful with answering questions and explaining things clearly."

    Orla Bolger
    Bank of Ireland (BOI)
  • "Since I had some knowledge of statistics and IBM SPSS, this course suited my needs. Having completed this course and having the training manual, I feel more confident in using statistical tests within my own work."

    Denise McCarthy
    Health Service Executive (HSE) Midlands
  • "I really enjoyed the course; it was exceptionally interesting and well paced. I think it will be extremely beneficial in my work."

    Mr. Padraig O’Brien
    Allied Irish Bank (AIB)
  • "The examples were very good. Excellent course for general introduction to subject Time Series Analysis & Forecasting."

    Mr. Ajay Oza
    Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC)
  • "I enjoyed the course; it will be of great benefit to my professional (and academic) work in the future - thanks!"

    Ms. Sharyn Carley
    St Brigid’s Hospital Balinasloe
  • "Very interesting course with a lot of tools beneficial to my work. Customer care from very welcoming and good as usual!"

    Ms. Fiona Scullion
    Council for the Curriculum Examinations & Assessment (CCEA)
  • "Excellent course showing the versatility of Syntax."

    Ms. Diane Eller
    Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • "Excellent course for an excellent product."

    Mr. Mark McEvoy
  • "Course was excellently presented with a clear overview of research and statistics  principles and the IBM SPSS Statistics software package. I found it challenging but very informative and a useful introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics."

    Mr. Paul Sheehan
    Cork Simon Community
  • "Presidion trainer was great; she was able to explain technical stuff in a language that we all understood. Now we know all we need to make the most of the software."

    Mr. Colin Thomas
    Cat Protection UK
  • "The course was very informative and I could see throughout the course where I could apply the techniques within my own work."

    Jennifer Dunne
    An Garda Siochana
  • "Very useful course for beginners and also as a refresher to statistical concepts. Good to have many examples. More practical knowledge gained."

    Tania Percy
    South Yorkshire Police