End to End Advanced Analytics Framework

End to End Advanced Analytics Framework Approach

Do you want to understand how you can make a Success of Analytics in your organisation,  how to deliver tangible benefits to your shareholders and how to avoid the pitfalls linked to Analytics?

Our End to End Approach delivers just this.

It is based on 20 years of delivering successful Analytics projects and Analytics strategies for a range of industries and functions.

  • "Presidion’s high level of expertise with the tools and deep understanding of our industry helped us to embed commercially valuable predictive analytics capabilities into our business processes, and start realising the benefits very quickly."

    Anthony O’Neill
    Director of Planning, Insight and Analytics at eir
  • "The expertise and dedication of the Presidion consultants who worked with us exceeded our expectations. They really took a ‘partnership approach’ to ensure we achieved all of the objectives of this project."

    Michael Morris
    Infrastructure Manager, Safefood.
  • "As we draw towards the successful conclusion of the above project I want to express my thanks to your staff and my admiration for their skills and professionalism."

    Loman O’Byrne
    Chief Executive, South Dublin County Enterprise Board
  • "Presidion were brilliant. They helped us turn our situation around so that we are now spending 80% driving outsights out of our data and 20% of our time actually collating data. We are now able to concentrate our time and resources implementing our customer strategy."

    Stephen Moran
    Bank of Ireland

Making a success of Analytics is about four key things:

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What is Advanced

What does Advanced Analytics mean

across all aspects of my business?

In the ‘Discover’ stage of Presidion’s End to End Analytics Framework, we invite you to participate in Presidion-led workshops, where we leverage our 20+ years of experience deliver Advanced Analytics initiatives to help you to understand where it can drive competitive advantage within your organisation

What is the right Advanced Analytics vision for my organisation?
During a ‘World of the Possible’ workshop, we encourage attendees to think outside the box regarding business-outcome insight-led applications for analytics. Presidion will provide a cross-industry view of proven advanced analytics use-cases and help attendees to stretch their ambitions. The session will refocus these ambitions on strategic priorities and key business processes.

I am not sure if I have the

minimum requirements to start

doing Advanced Analytics.

How does my organisation compare to those leaders that are succeeding in Analytics? Are we leaders or Lagers?

Where are my weakest points?

A vast majority of organisations skip the strategic planning stage for analytics. This is a fundamental error, as their vision for analytics is not articulated and they line themselves up for disappointment. Building an analytics capability is about delivering business outcome driven solutions, building momentum and addressing business challenges. If you are serious about Analytics, you want to make it a core capability in your Organisation.

Our Analytical Maturity Assessment is a thorough diagnostic on areas (including organizational culture, business processes, technology, people and data) of strengths/weaknesses for Advanced Analytics, and allows you to benchmark your organisation against peers and competitors

Analytics is a

business process

It does not work if it is the reserved domain

of IT or a team of data scientists alone.

Produce data insights that resonate with the business, deploy these insights with the business and track the tangible benefits

Analytics deliver benefits across all functions of an organisation, and is an enterprise capability. Analytics is not just a customer retention or operational efficiency tool. In our experience, we have seen it used throughout organisations. From examining risk or financial management to analysing employee churn or satisfaction. Regardless of the use case, at Presidion, we steadfastly believe that an analytics vision can be moulded by following the structured approach of asking the right questions, defining the interventions and being clear about the deliverables.

A proven process methodology is at the heart of that. For each analytical initiative, Presidion recommends the CRISP-DM Process. This helps to provide complete visibility of project stages and a framework for how you will move from your business requirements to structured outputs, insights and action. At it’s core, the CRISP-DM process is: Collaborative – between the Business, the Analysts and the Data Owners. Iterative – structured around key phases of work that take into can be revisited depending on progress and findings of the project. Deployment focused – on delivering actionable insights that can be deployed in the business.

How to ensure that the insights are successfully deployed
across the business?

How do I sustain the

quality of insights?

Realising Return On Investment through analytics requires organisations to have clarity in the business question and success factors, ability to consolidate data sources in multiple forms and change management skills to implement the insights via the right business process

  • Business priorities change with the market, insights naturally degrade over time.
  • A regular review of Analytics priorities and Analytics performance is required to stay at the top of your game.
  • Analytics Initiatives should not be considered in isolation or as one-off projects.
  • Careful consideration should be made of what is necessary before, during and after production of analytical insights.
  • A programmes of initiatives is necessary, that takes into account the current state of the nation within your organisation, prioritises what is achievable in the short term, but only when this is aligned with future, further advancements and is strategically aligned.
  • A roadmap should include the Think-Big projects, the high business benefit initiatives and the enabling initiatives that are put in place to allow for future initiatives to succeed.

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