Analytical Operations and Mentoring Services

 Get the most out of your investment in Advanced Analytics

You have already invested in building your Analytics capability. You have spent time and money building predictive models to address clear business pain points and creating automated reports. Are you getting the best out of these capabilities? Are your models performing as well as they could? Can you improve your reports or saved analysis to get more insightful results?

It is critical for all analytical projects to be continuously monitored and re-evaluated over time. As technology rapidly advances and the economic climate becomes more volatile, it is essential that you re-align analytical applications and skills with the new technologies and the new market conditions.

What do we provide?

At Presidion, our mission is to advance and modernise your analytics applications and optimize existing business processes. We help organisations to maximise return on investment and minimise costs and effort.

icon-bulbWe conduct Assessment Sessions to identify optimisation opportunities 

  • Current Analytics Environment and Performance
  • IT infrastructure and SW compatibility
  • Existing Processes, Data Flows and Predictive Applications
  • Organizational structure, resources and skills available

icon-barchartWe Design a Roadmap to address 

  • Data Quality and Data Integrity issues
  • Optimization, Performance and Scalability of existing applications
  • Application Upgrades and Next Best Model Proposals
  • Integration and Automation options
  • Skills and Competencies Development

icon-piechartWe Deploy and Visualize Insights to involved parties 

  • Deployment planning
  • Dashboards & advanced graphics

icon-houseWe Collaborate and Work closely with our customers 

  • Implement Changes, Develop and support Tailor-made Solutions

icon-computerWe Upskill and Mentor Staff 

  • Training & Mentoring/Coaching Services

bubble-speachWe Identify, Share and Transfer Knowledge to key participants 

  • Socialise the results of your projects

What will you get?


Improved Efficiency and Accuracy of existing implementations


Access to the Latest Technologies and Innovative Analytical Applications


Leading to Maximised return on investment     and minimised costs and effort


The means for scaling up Analytical solutions


Expertise in your team

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