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Cashing in on Customer Insight
Cashing in on Customer Insight

Discover how to harness customer insight from myriad interactions to profitably grow revenue, increase loyalty, and go from good to exceptional.


Supported by insights from IBM and Peppers & Rogers Group, this white paper will help readers learn how to:

  • Identify granular attributes about customers (e.g., life-stage changes) that marketing and customer service departments can use to improve communications and offers.
  • Integrate social and other unstructured data with traditional enterprise feedback and transactional information to develop a multidimensional view of each customer.
  • Use predictive analytics and other types of analysis to optimize offer types, timing, and delivery channel, and to forecast the anticipated customer value generated as a result.
  • Leverage customer intelligence to deliver more targeted communications, which can help strengthen the customer-company relationship.
  • Amp up customer intelligence by adding analytics and executive dashboards to determine which marketing campaigns are most effective with certain customer groups and why.


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