SPSS Analytics Partner | Case Study – OTP Bank

Case Study – OTP Bank

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Solution Components

  • IBM SPSS Modeler

“We have no intention of changing our software, as we have been highly satisfied with all aspects of the solution. Simply put, our daily operations would be impossible to solve satisfactorily without IBM SPSS software.”

Tamás Tóth, head of analysis and modeling, Credit Approval and Risk Management Division, OTP Bank

OTP Bank

Statistical modeling used to identify hidden predictors in loan applications, reduce defaults and increase capital reserves



OTP Bank has played a defining role in the Hungarian banking sector for more than 60 years and has operated as a multifunctional commercial bank since 1989. It is a member of the OTP Group, which provides universal financial services through several subsidiaries


Business need

The bank wanted to improve the speed and efficiency of its mortgage, loans and lease application processes, and make accurate, evidence-based decisions more rapidly than the competition.



Every bank wants to grant loans to as many applicants as possible, but not at the expense of loan defaults. OTP Bank uses a sophisticated statistical modeling and predictive analysis solution to foster sound business decisions on the evaluation and approval of mortgage and loan applications, ensuring adequate capital reserves.



The IBM solution helped significantly contributed to the increase in the bank’s capital reserve, reduce loan defaults and increase the accuracy of revenue forecasts.

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