SPSS Analytics Partner | Case Study – Netpoints

Case Study – Netpoints

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Solution Components

  • IBM SPSS Modeler
  • Other IBM Software


Location-based marketing offers used to boost sales and attract more retail partners



Based in Brazil, this retail loyalty company allows shoppers to earn points on everyday purchases at regional stores and online.


Business need

To gain an edge over other brand loyalty programs in Brazil, Netpoints needed a more personalized shopping experience for its members. The business recognized that a better understanding of shopping behaviors and trends could increase purchases and drive more revenue for its retail partners.



An enhanced e-commerce solution helps the organization and its retail partners gain insight into program members’ shopping habits. The solution analyzes data collected from stores and its members’ smartphones to create individual customer profiles that allow retail partners to deliver customized marketing offers to shoppers, often while they are still in the store. Personalized offers appear on members’ smartphones or when they check out at the register. Retail partners can also track sales progress over time, helping companies make adjustments based on emerging consumer preferences and trends.



With the new solution in place, the company anticipates a significant increase in shoppers’ responses to marketing promotions from its retail partners. The business expects to boost sales revenue and increase the number of retail partners by providing a better understanding of consumer behaviors and trends. The capabilities also helped the organization enhance purchasing experiences for members through personalized marketing efforts and faster responses to emerging trends and customer demands.

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