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ANOVA is a great for comparing several groups mean values between themselves or if you want to check the effect of something over time. To access all of the ANOVA features and functionality seen in this webinar, you will need to have the SPSS Statistics Module ‘Advanced Statistics’.

With the SPSS Advanced Statistics module you can dive deeper into your data. It enables you to compare and analyse differences among groups for statistical significance, explain observations and develop models to predict the expected duration of time to a specified event.

  • Examine the distribution of time-to-event variables
  • Predict nonlinear outcomes
  • Test whether samples originate from the same distribution
  • Test the effect of independent and dependent variables
  • Compare means across one or more variables


Talk to us today to learn how IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics can help you analyse variances and the complex relationships of real-world data to draw more dependable conclusions.

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