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5 Steps to Getting on the Right Track in MRO Inventory Management

In June 2018, I was invited to speak at the UK Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference in Coventry on the Subject of MRO Inventory Management. Based on the standing room only, it was obvious from the start that this is a growing pain for organisations, large and small.

Video: Predictive Maintenance – What it is and what it is not

Preventative and Conditional Maintenance are often mistaken with Predictive Maintenance. This animation gives you an overview of the different types of maintenance, the differences between them and what Predictive Maintenance is really about.

Driving your Company’s IoT ROI by linking it with Predictive Maintenance

Unlike the consumer sector, manufacturers have been using IoT for years. Properly focused IoT capabilities have driven huge change and ROI in manufacturing across a range of operational applications. However, in many instances, it has become a self-perpetuating data gathering exercise with no real focus. IoT is not an end in itself and needs to have clear business goal and ROI.

The Key to Implementing a Successful Predictive Maintenance Strategy

Using asset specific data to predict where, when and why a specific asset will fail has been proven to save organisations millions. Ensuring your Predictive Maintenance Strategy is a success can be achieved by following these 5 key rules.