SPSS Analytics Partner | Presidion Team invited to speak at Clinical Audit Conference 2012

Presidion Team invited to speak at Clinical Audit Conference 2012

The Clinical Audit Conference was held on the 25thOctober at the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. Clinical Researchers and healthcare specialist from around the country gathered at this event to discuss the new national standards for safer, better healthcare and clinical audit and share ideas on how to improve and implement them.

Leanne and Sinead were invited to share their experience on implementing clinical audit processes throughout healthcare, including automating reports reporting and improving the process by using evidence based decision making.

The presentation also included a practical demonstration of how to implement paperless audits and automated reports using the IBM-SPSS technology. Delegates could see how it is possible to drastically reduce the time spent collecting and reporting data, freeing time to actually study the results and implement changes based on the information gathered, implementing a true evidence based decision making culture.

“When you can define, implement and automate a process you give your organisation a strategic solution to improve safety, quality and reliability in the service provided. This is what leads to a better patient experience on the long term.”
Leanne Flynn, Presidion.

Since the acquisition of SPSS Inc by IBM, Presidion has become the leading IBM value added partner for the implementation of Analytics solutions in Ireland and UK and has deployed cutting-edge analytical solutions to different companies across both public and private sectors.

You can access the slides of their presentation here.

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