PdM – Data Readiness Assessment

Is my data good enough for Predictive Maintenance?

Do I have enough data and in the right formats?


Presidion’s Data Readiness Assessment (DRA) helps clients to achieve an accurate understanding of where they are in relation to data held to address their maintenance objectives. Completing a DRA will enable you to enter into Predictive Maintenance with your eyes wide open and help you to understand your ability to execute and operationalise such a solution.

Presidion will examine each data element available and assess the feasibility of a Predictive Maintenance Project. Not all data is essential. It is important to know what data you have, and how you can best leverage this. It is also just as important to know what data you do not have and how best to begin to gather this?

DRA Understanding

What will you get?


The assessment is aimed at minimising risks associated with beginning a Predictive Maintenance initiative. With solid recommendations, Presidion will help you to understand what applications are practical, and what adjustments may be necessary for success. The Data Readiness Assessment (DRA) is comprised of:

1.Understanding the scope, quality and appropriateness of your data elements for your specific maintenance objectives

2.Uncovering hidden information through mining open-ended text in Maintenance Logs

3.Identifying and highlighting combinations of unusual sensor readings over time that may
be leading to poor efficiencies or asset failures

4.Critically assessing processes relating to data capture, data storage, presentation, usage of information and what data may be required to be gathered/obtained to achieve the best results.

DRA - You will get

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  • "We are opening up a whole new approach for predictive and prescriptive analytics in oil and gas."  

    Steven Benn
    Manager, Exploration and Production Technologies, Santos Ltd.
  • “We have already made huge progress in improving root cause identification, optimizing operating conditions and reducing operational costs in specific processes.”

    Eric Paradis
    IBM Bromont
  • "Analytics gives us a method of assessing impact of factors that we may not be able to measure directly – so we can do more with the data we already have, instead of making big investments in hightech equipment."

    Matthieu Lirette-Gelinas
    IBM Bromont
  • "Our turbines have an alarm built-in by the manufacturer which is triggered 30 minutes before a major failure, but with our data we can predict such an event 30 hours before it happens."

    Erez Daly
    Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)