Operational Efficiency

Innovative companies consistently look for ways to achieve their goals more efficiently. Predictive analytics technologies from Presidion enable retailers to not only improve efficiency, but also produce better results. From marketing to loss prevention, retailers can use predictive insight to, for example, increase campaign response, or reduce theft-without increasing operational costs.


 Case Study

Presidion solutions help retailers: Data mining helps vehicle manufacturer to optimise the quality of premium cars BMW uses IBM SPSS data and text mining software to consolidate its competitive position. Read more

  • Develop effective, targeted marketing campaigns for the customers that are most likely to respond, rather than mailing to an entire database.
  •  Identify and reduce loss related to theft, shrink, and poor inventory management.
  • Enable marketers and business users to answer business questions independently – without IT or analyst assistance.

 Case Study

Financial services firm generates $30 million in additional sales through its call center.
Spaarbeleg/AEGON Group selected IBM SPSS PredictiveCallCenter to transform its call center from an area of expense to a profit center. Read more

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