SPSS Analytics Partner | Bringing Presidion to the next level from an Innovation Capability

Bringing Presidion to the next level from an Innovation Capability

Enterprise Ireland's Innovation 4 Growth Programme

Barry McIntyre, Alan McMahon and Pierre Baviera at the Irish Management Institute (Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation 4 Growth Programme)

Presidion is made up of a bunch of really innovative people. Our ability to address our customers’ issues by bringing together expertise in a particular business application or sector of advanced analytics, as well as inspiring ourselves from the latest developments in other industries makes us really special (so we are told by you, our customers!).

Having said that, we have come to realise that we can probably do better in building a structured innovation capability that will strengthen our ability to identify hidden needs from our customers and address these time and time again.

To do this, Presidion has embarked on a very selective programme with Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Management Institute – Innovation 4 Growth. From an initial cohort of 40 already successful companies, Presidion has progressed into Phase II. As one of only 10 companies chosen to progress, we are both proud and excited to share this news with you.

This programme brings together the best practitioners and academic authorities to effectively ensure participants like Presidion structure their Innovation Strategy and use a wide range of tools and techniques to Innovate and Grow.

You are going to see a real change here either in the form of customer engagement in the Innovation Process and/or in the development of great new products/services. Watch this space!