Rob McCullagh

Strategic Account Director
The common catch phase is that data is the new oil. I disagree. Oil can be stored data must be used or it will become irrelevant. For the past 20 years I have been helping organisations use their data to answer the business questions that are keeping them awake at night.

In business my goal is to help provide timely meaningful and actionable information based on a myriad of data that delivers actionable insight.

Through the use of Advanced Analytics, I help deliver answers that get executives excited about what they can now achieve. Data mining is a collaborative process and i typically hear the expression” Now, thats really interesting” as we uncover new insights about a specific business challenge.

Analytics is coming of age and the inclusion of new external and unstructured data has massively expanded the number and type of business questions that can now be answered, Just think about what adding weather data to analysis can increase the insights we can now deliver.

We can now also use analytics to create meaningful dialogue between companies and their many different customer types, meaning the days of mindless IVR interactions should soon be over.

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