Mitya Moitra

Ever since I can remember I used to doodle cubes and cuboids as a child. I progressed to completing a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Statistics, leading me to become a statistician, which I find extremely creative and tremendously applicable in solving real life problems. I have a highly sought after technical skill-set which includes knowledge of a plethora of programming languages and software. Teaching in a school and working for an NGO have lent me composure and the ability to deal with people of varied temperaments.
My MBTI is INFJ. I carry the imagination coupled with the conviction to deliver the big picture. At work I believe in taking ownership of things and am enthusiastically involved from pre-sales through to the delivery of a project.
Outside of work I am an avid reader and like to meet people of different cultures. Living and working in different countries has enhanced my all round learning. I aspire to constantly learn about different things in the world and focus my energy on succeeding in every small opportunity that comes my way, in order to make this a habit.
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