Giannis Morfis

Senior Analytics Consultant
I am a result-driven and enthusiastic professional with extensive experience in Business, Financial, Statistical and Data Analysis, in diverse business domains and industries.

I focus on helping organizations uncover hidden patterns, deliver valuable business insights and form strategies through the use of Analytics, in a way that will turn data into action and allow the integration of analytical processes into daily operations.

Holding a BSc in Economics, a MSc in Management Science & Finance, and a MBA degree, I always support the concept of lifelong learning and I try to share my knowledge with business users, by translating technical terms and sophisticated techniques into actionable business applications.
Through Social Media, also try to share any insights, latest news and updates on Analytics and related New Technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things and Predictive Maintenance, from my professional group in LinkedIn “End-to-End Actionable Analytics”:

As data continue to grow inside every organization, I will take every opportunity to promote the use of Analytics and emphasize on the benefits that can bring, as a response to every business challenge nowadays!

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