Consultancy & Online Survey Hosting

If you find that your data analysis efforts are being hindered by a lack of time our Team of Consultants are at hand to help you turn raw data, facts and figures into professional reports.

 Case Study

Improving the quality of the First Destination Response survey significantly
HETAC employs IBM SPSS software and Consultancy Services to achieve higher quality results and reduce costs. Read more


We partner with leading market research companies in the UK and Ireland in the following areas:

  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Online Survey Hosting and Deployment
  • Text Analysis
  • Brand Testing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Testing

 Case Study

Dramatically increases turnaround time of Customer Satisfaction Survey
IBM SPSS Software and Consultancy allows Sigmar Recruitment to act immediately on any queries raised by clients. Read more

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  • "We are opening up a whole new approach for predictive and prescriptive analytics in oil and gas."  

    Steven Benn
    Manager, Exploration and Production Technologies, Santos Ltd.
  • "SPSS predictive analytics software has been integrated into our business processes and has proven to be absolutely necessary for processing applications and ensuring that they are handled with the consistency we need."

    Nils Staib
    Credit Manager at IKANO Finans
  • "We are now better at sending the right emails to the right people at the right time. This new targeted approach with IBM SPSS Modeler helps Avis cut email marketing costs almost by half and, hence, maximise revenue."

    Chris Parker
    Direct Analytics Specialist at Avis Europe
  • "Seeing the world through the customers eyes is at the heart of our business. Customer information and feedback is key to this process and is enabling us to take a proactive approach to one of our industry's most pressing problems."

    Federico Cesconi
  • "SPSS has more than paid for itself in the short time we've had it and, as a result, we've started to use text mining tools from the company to look at customer records in call centers. In the analytics team at least, SPSS is the fundamental tool in our toolkit, and has more than proved its value."

    Stewart Robbins
    Customer knowledge manager at Powergen
  • "After a thorough investigation of the analytical solutions in the market, we selected IBM SPSS predictive analytics software for its ease of use for the business users and the extensive insight it provides into customer behavior and profitability."

    Paul Groenland
    Project manager, database marketing at Rabobank
  • "Using IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeler, we have improved customer retention by 7 percent, with 54 percent of Fiat customers now replacing their existing cars with another Fiat brand."

    Giovanni Lux
    Customer intelligence and advocacy manager at Fiat Group Automobiles