Healthcare Management

Many healthcare organisations use Presidion Solutions to monitor operational efficiency. We help our clients to achieve the following objectives enabling Healthcare Executives to better manage their resources and to understand how best to place limited budgets:

  • Reducing waiting time in A&E
    • How many patients will we have in the future?
    • When will A&E be busiest?
    • How many members of staff are needed?


  • Improving effectiveness of treatment
    • What is the most effective treatment?
    • What is the survival rate after diagnosis across each treatment?
    • Is there are a difference between survival rates across the treatments?


  • Decreasing numbers of patients readmitted after 30 days
    • Which patients are at highest risk of being readmitted?
    • How can we choose which patients should stay in?
    • What preventative action can be taken to stop them being readmitted?

For example, the Wesley Hospital Back Rehabilitation Centre located in Queensland, Australia, which treats more than 60,000 patients per year, combines clinical and operational data to create key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs help administrators allocate staff and other resources.

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  • "With SPSS-IBM software, the potential is there to improve the clinical effectiveness of interventions for a vulnerable group of people, and therefore their quality of life could improve measurably."

    David Martin
    Clinical Audit Co-ordinator at Brooklands North Warwickshire NHS Trust
  • "I like Clementine because of its ability to quickly generate results and its intuitive user interface."

    Dr. Werner Dubitzky
    Professor of Bioinformatics at University of Ulster
  • "IBM SPSS Statistics allows us to handle disparate data in many different formats and easily combine it into a single dataset for analysis. It also offers many time-saving features that enable us to obtain and publish results faster."

    Dr. Richard Shaw
    Director of Cardiac Research, Division of Cardiology California Pacific Medical Center