Predictive Analytics for Healthcare

The Healthcare today face numerous challenges. More than ever, we are seeing a priority among Healthcare Executives to deliver solid information support structures to sustain evidence based practice on the programs & services they oversee.

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These people are turning to Presidion statistical services and solutions to evaluate, develop and sustain a culture of best practice by creating insights from their most valuable asset: Data. Presidion supports evidence based practice (EBP) in Healthcare enabling organisations to understand what has happened in the past and present and to anticipate the probably of events happening in future in order to manage their resources in the most effective way possible.

Presidion enable healthcare organisations to:

  • Support medical research: Analyze large, complex datasets easily and efficiently.
  • Improve Infection Control: Identify the most effective treatments and therapies for your patients or for the public.
  • Monitor the quality of patient care: Compare your organization’s practices with regional and national benchmarks and identify areas needing improvement.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Monitor key performance indicators and strengthen your bottom line.
  • Maintain accreditation: Support your internal processes for meeting accreditation requirements.
  • Combat healthcare fraud: Detect changing patterns in fraud, waste, and abuse so you can minimize their impact on your ability to deliver needed care.
  • Protect public health: Speed the discovery of patterns in disease and facilitate the communication of results through open, interoperable predictive analytics solutions.

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