SPSS for Academia

Our main focus and goal has always been to increase the ability of students and academics to both learn and teach statistics using IBM SPSS software. We have consulted with the community and have created an Academic Portal, that will provide assets, that can be used by our Academic Higher and Further Education partners. The aim of this portal is to enhance the learning and teaching experience, and also remove some of the burdens that new students and new lecturers have when they first come to teach and learn IBM SPSS statistics.

Academic_PortalWith many educational videos, tutorials and examples; the portal helps teachers easily prepare IBM SPSS courses, and students are able to learn how to use the software in a simple and user friendly way.


The Presidion academic partners will have access to our academic portal under our “SPSS for Academia” agreement.


This dedicated Academic Portal includes but is not limited to:

  • Example questions
  • Example responses
  • Commercial data sets
  • Example papers for setting exams
  • ‘How to’ videos for students
  • PPT slides for students
  • Quizzes/exams for students
  • Lecture notes on statistics (also notes and slides for the students)
  • An overview lecture for people new to IBM SPSS
  • Tips and tricks on using IBM SPSS
  • FAQ for students and lecturers


There is also be a section where students and teachers can submit ideas, for the Portal, that will progress the teaching and learning experience associated with IBM SPSS within their institutions.


Future development

In Presidion we value the feedback of our customers and so, this portal is updated regularly with the help of the suggestions its users give. We will be adding and developing the Portal in order to provide the best support to students and lecturers.


Access the Academic Portal here!


If you have any queries relating to this, please contact us at: [email protected]

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Training for Academia!


Training for Academia

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  • "With IBM SPSS Statistics, students can tackle important real-life problems, applying a range of analyses to achieve a solution in a short period of time."

    Sharon L. Weinberg
    Professor of Applied Statistics and Psychology at New York University
  • "Now, by using Presidion (formerly SPSS Ireland) expertise and their online survey capabilities, it was easier and faster to measure opinions. Dimensions is an excellent tool that enables us to collect feedback in a timely manner and also deliver huge cost savings to the organisation."

    Ian McKenna
    Head of Framework Awards at HETAC
  • "The key is that IBM SPSS Statistics can perform data management, data analysis, data extraction, database construction, reporting and forecasting ... all in a single product."

    Dr. David Wright
    WSU sociology professor, WSU’s Statistical Project Analyst
  • "Thanks to IBM SPSS, we are able to complete significantly faster analysis of our academic programs. Prior to IBM-SPSS, we would have spent most of one term—that’s several months—analyzing one program. Now we can do it in a week or less."

    Dr. Ronald Gordon
    Director of Research at Yuba Community College District