SPSS for Academia

Is your IBM SPSS subscription due for renewal during 2021? 

Do you want to understand more about what SPSS has to offer in terms of new features or additional analytical modules?

As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we have been helping SPSS Academic users achieve their analytical goals and make evidence-based decisions for over 20 years. Version 1 is the sole supplier for the SPSS Academic site license in the UK & Ireland.

Why renewing is important:

  • The experience that students gain from using SPSS in their Academic learning enables them to enter the workforce already practiced in analytical procedures.
  • For an annual fee, Universities are entitled to unlimited authorised and concurrent licenses.
  • SPSS can be installed on site at the University, but it can also be distributed to staff and students for home use.
  • Version 1 offer a dedicated SPSS Customer Downloads Portal.
  • Dedicated and experienced SPSS Technical Support Service, log tickets 24/7.
  • SPSS software and licences are provided directly via email.

If your SPSS subscription renewal is due and you would like to obtain your renewal quote or find out more about SPSS for Academia, then fill out our form and we’ll come back to you.

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Training for Academia!


Training for Academia

Reach Higher Results with Presidion Training!
We offer more than 30 courses on topics ranging from statistical analysis and survey research to data mining and predictive analytics.
  • "With IBM SPSS Statistics, students can tackle important real-life problems, applying a range of analyses to achieve a solution in a short period of time."

    Sharon L. Weinberg
    Professor of Applied Statistics and Psychology at New York University
  • "Now, by using Presidion (formerly SPSS Ireland) expertise and their online survey capabilities, it was easier and faster to measure opinions. Dimensions is an excellent tool that enables us to collect feedback in a timely manner and also deliver huge cost savings to the organisation."

    Ian McKenna
    Head of Framework Awards at HETAC
  • "The key is that IBM SPSS Statistics can perform data management, data analysis, data extraction, database construction, reporting and forecasting ... all in a single product."

    Dr. David Wright
    WSU sociology professor, WSU’s Statistical Project Analyst
  • "Thanks to IBM SPSS, we are able to complete significantly faster analysis of our academic programs. Prior to IBM-SPSS, we would have spent most of one term—that’s several months—analyzing one program. Now we can do it in a week or less."

    Dr. Ronald Gordon
    Director of Research at Yuba Community College District