Data Analysis in Higher & Further Education

Addressing the digital and technology skills gap is of vital concern to education establishments, government, and businesses alike. So, how do you get students interested and engaged in STEM subjects at an early age?

By making statistics and data analysis simple and interesting, academic establishments can encourage students into STEM subjects and teach them softer skills such as communication, imagination, analytical, visualisation and storytelling skills.

A comprehensive tool that combines a visual data view, data transformation, open-source coding and visual options for graphs will inspire and encourage students within an educational environment and support the promotion of STEM, its learnings and research within the Statistics Community.


Why SPSS Statistics

SPSS facilitates the creation of a visual story from data and underpins the communication of that story within a learning environment. This powerful tool with a vast array of statistical tests is easy to use and visually represents data in useful charts and graphs, enabling an understanding of complex data in a straightforward visual way.


Benefits of SPSS

  • Supports the development of STEM skills.
  • Supports the development of visualising a story from data and then communicating that
  • story to peers.
  • Improves the learning of maths and valuable technology skills in higher and further education.
  • Can introduce learners into the world of data analytics and statistics defining their further education studies and career path.

Why Version 1

Version 1 are the sole supplier of the SPSS Academic License in the UK and Ireland, providing IBM SPSS to over 250 Universities and Colleges.

Our dedicated Academic Team understands the challenges facing teachers in terms of teaching & developing soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, adaptability, creativity, digital literacy as well as logic and analytics.

The workforce of the future needs a curriculum that will provide a learning and development environment that underpins coursework, as well as enabling students to develop the advanced analytical skills that they will need in their post Academic life.

We care about the propagation of STEM subjects in school life and work with schools to enhance their coursework through the deployment of SPSS, with an aim to inspire science and technology subjects in their early years.

Version 1 can deliver SPSS consulting to help define your overall statistics goals, provide the SPSS software and as necessary, offer training to help you achieve your data objectives.  Our dedicated support teams are available to answer any technical questions that arise.

Alternatively contact us for further information on specific SPSS modules and academic pricing available.

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