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The Chief Data Officer playbook

Creating a game plan to sharpen your digital edge - Tailoring the CDO Role

Competing in the Insights Economy

This study, conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, identifies the ‘insight leaders’ using data-driven insights to gain competitive advantage.

Maximise Asset Productivity and Operational Performance

Discover the specific benefits predictive maintenance solutions provide asset-intensive organisations to Maximise asset productivity and Optimise asset-associated processes.

Optimise Operations

Optimising operations with big data and analytics solutions enables organisations to improve operational efficiency of assets and critical infrastructure and take a proactive approach to preventing or minimising costly outages.

Customer Analytics in Banking – Four Steps to Maximise Customer Profitability

Learn how your organization can use customer analytics to understand what customers want and will do next, along with the key capabilities required to effectively conduct customer analytics.

Seven Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics Today

Author Eric Siegel of Prediction Impact Inc. examines seven strategic business objectives that can be fully attained by using predictive analytics.

Deploying Predictive Analytics for Competitive Advantage

A recent study completed by Ventana Research found that 68% of companies are using predictive analytics to gain a competitive edge. Find out more now, and learn how predictive analytics can help you.

KPIs vs. KPPs – How KPPs can help you improve your business

Download this KPIs vs. KPPs Guide and learn the difference through some easy examples Discover how KPPs can help you improve your business!

Predictive Maintenance for Government

Predictive Maintenance for Government - How to prevent asset failure control maintenance costs and anticipate budget needs

The New Frontier for Personalised Customer Experience

This paper introduces the IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence solution, which gathers relevant customer information from internal and external sources and uses advanced analytics and scoring to recommend the right offer or action before or during an interaction.