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2 min Analytics interview with Anthony O’Neill (eir)

After our last A4B we asked the keynote speaker, Anthony O’Neill (Director, Analytics Centre of Excellence at eir) two questions about his Analytics journey.

Video: Predictive Maintenance – What it is and what it is not

Preventative and Conditional Maintenance are often mistaken with Predictive Maintenance. This animation gives you an overview of the different types of maintenance, the differences between them and what Predictive Maintenance is really about.

Case Study: Fiserv

Fiserv, a leader in the financial services industry, is using an IBM SPSS technology as part of a solution to turn billions of transactions into actionable insights that help banks better target offers and maximize their marketing dollars. The use of cloud technologies to consolidate and virtualize servers helps reduce costs and increase availability.

Claims Optimization with Business Analytics

Find out how this solution can help you sift through your mountains of claims data to find the important insights that support faster, smarter decisions.