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Tech Tips SPSS Modeler

Tech Tip: Automatically generating a select node in IBM SPSS Modeler

Do you want to select records which may result in long winded and/or statements? Avoid this by using the apt Generate menu option of the output, by just clicking cells.

Tech Tip: Working with Supernodes in IBM SPSS Modeler

Create Supernodes to tidy up and skrink the data stream by encapsulating several nodes into one node.

Tech Tip: Commentary and Annotations in IBM SPSS Modeler (Sticky Notes)

Add comments, document your thoughts and share details directly on the canvas with this sticky notes-like feature.

Tech Tip: Importing from a database using customised SQL code in IBM SPSS Modeler

There is no need to rewrite commands you have already developed in SQL. Learn how to import SQL code directly into your model in SPSS Modeler.

Tech Tip: Finding non-matching records in IBM SPSS Modeler (Anti-joint)

Are you having trouble with duplicate files? See how to use Anti joins to identify missing data from a secondary data set.