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Webinar: Predictive Quality

Applying Predictive Analytics to your production line allows you to predict when asset behaviours associated with poor quality products are going to occur. Join us and listen to our speakers sharing their experience in the industry.

Video: Predictive Maintenance – What it is and what it is not

Preventative and Conditional Maintenance are often mistaken with Predictive Maintenance. This animation gives you an overview of the different types of maintenance, the differences between them and what Predictive Maintenance is really about.

Driving your Company’s IoT ROI by linking it with Predictive Maintenance

Unlike the consumer sector, manufacturers have been using IoT for years. Properly focused IoT capabilities have driven huge change and ROI in manufacturing across a range of operational applications. However, in many instances, it has become a self-perpetuating data gathering exercise with no real focus. IoT is not an end in itself and needs to have clear business goal and ROI.

Watson IoT – From The Edge to the Cloud Event

Rob McCullagh, Strategic Account Director at Presidion, will be speaking at about "The Value of your Assets and Analytics" at IoT Innovation from EDGE to the Cloud.

Infographic: Predictive Maintenance in a Nutshell

Predictive Maintenance, the modern approach to maintenance that maximises productivity while reducing overall costs.

Daimler Group

Daimler Group, one of the largest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest global manufacturer of commercial vehicles, boosts productivity of cylinder-head production by 25 percent using predictive analytics

Maximise Asset Productivity and Operational Performance

Discover the specific benefits predictive maintenance solutions provide asset-intensive organisations to Maximise asset productivity and Optimise asset-associated processes.

Optimise Operations

Optimising operations with big data and analytics solutions enables organisations to improve operational efficiency of assets and critical infrastructure and take a proactive approach to preventing or minimising costly outages.

Predictive Maintenance: I’ll have what she’s having…

Oil and Gas companies are borrowing from data rich industries to transform their maintenance procedures. Find out how…

Infographic: Plan, Manage, Maximise

Be more strategic, decide faster, reduce downtime and proactively reduce risk.