SPSS Analytics Partner | Infographics


Infographic: What is Forecasting?

Forecasting predicts future values of a particular quantity based on previously observed values of that quantity. Accurate demand forecasting helps decision making across all business areas, allowing you to better anticipate demand and allocate resources more effectively.

Infographic: Data Audit – Advanced Analytics

A 3 step process to Understand, Assess and Audit your Data for Advanced Analytics.

Infographic: Technology Review – Advanced Analytics

Presidion’s Framework Approach for a Technology Review involves a 3 step process, leading to the recommendation of the right mix of Technologies, SW and Tools for Data Science and Advanced Analytics implementations.

Infographic: A Pentagon of Principles for Analytics

Does your organisation struggle with understanding how to use analytics? These days it is not uncommon that doing ‘Analytics’ means different things to different people. The ‘Pentagon of Principles’ clarifies the potential and best practice uses of analytics across an organisation.

Infographic: Predictive Maintenance in a Nutshell

Predictive Maintenance, the modern approach to maintenance that maximises productivity while reducing overall costs.

Infographic: Can I Recommend Anything Else?

Today’s consumer companies like Amazon and Netflix are using the power of predictive analytics to anticipate their customers’ behaviors and needs. Check out this infographic to learn more about how these companies are making smarter recommendations for their audiences.

Infographic: Enhanced 360° View of the Customer

The journey that a customer takes with your company is an individual one. Each customer requires a customized map with a guide who understands exactly where he wants to go—ensuring a smooth experience along the way. Can your company provide every customer with his own personal guide? And can your company chart a course to success?

Infographic: The Value of Customer Retention

Predictive Analytics is critical in today's marketplace. Proactive, real-time Loyalty and Retention offers turn loyal customers into valuable brand advocates.

Infographic: Predictive Analytics Take CMOs From Survive to Thrive

This Infographic summarise Forrester's study: "From Insight To Action: How Predictive Analytics Improves B2B Marketing Outcomes"

Infographic: Detecting Fraud using Predictive Analytics

Corporate failures from fraud result in massive losses to shareholders. Poor risk management capabilities lead to poor decision making and high costsm, and organizations throughout many industries struggle to comply with escalating regulations. In this environment, risk, fraud and compliance management must be pervasive throughout your organization’s culture and operating model. Leverage Big Data & Analytics to gain a holistic view of risk, fraud and compliance information across your organization.