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Infographic: What is Predictive Maintenance?

From Reactive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance

Webinar: Transforming Maintenance with Predictive Analytics

Join us for this webinar where Pierre Baviera and Alan McMahon will be sharing their experience in the industry and answering key questions in the Predictive Maintenance World.

Case Study: PPL Corporation

Obtains real bottom-line value by using predictive IBM Analytics solutions

Case Study – Santos Ltd.

Saving millions with a predictive asset monitoring and alert system.

Case Study – Thames Water Utilities

Predictive modeling used to help protect the environment and save costs.

Seven Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics Today

Author Eric Siegel of Prediction Impact Inc. examines seven strategic business objectives that can be fully attained by using predictive analytics.

Case Study – Israel Electric Corporation

Israel Electric Corporation moves towards smarter maintenance - Using sophisticated data models to predict and preempt turbine failures at its power plants.

IBM Analytics Live 2015

2nd July, London. Discover how successful leaders are infusing analytics to drive simpler, smarter and faster decision making. 2nd July, London.

Deploying Predictive Analytics for Competitive Advantage

A recent study completed by Ventana Research found that 68% of companies are using predictive analytics to gain a competitive edge. Find out more now, and learn how predictive analytics can help you.

KPIs vs. KPPs – How KPPs can help you improve your business

Download this KPIs vs. KPPs Guide and learn the difference through some easy examples Discover how KPPs can help you improve your business!