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Case Study – MOTOR-TALK

Unlocking eye-opening insights into consumer opinions with cutting-edge analytics

Case Study – LDB Group

IBM SPSS Case Study - LDB Group, Using leading-edge text analytics to reveal customer insights that generate real business benefits.

Case Study – Idealtours GmbH

Idealtours gains deep insights into holidaymaker behaviour - Predicting the success of vacation packages before they are booked and paid for.

Case Study – AMC Networks

AMC Networks is using IBM analytics to understand viewing patterns across traditional and digital channels, make smarter scheduling and marketing decisions, and win new viewers and advertisers.

IBM Analytics Live 2015

2nd July, London. Discover how successful leaders are infusing analytics to drive simpler, smarter and faster decision making. 2nd July, London.

Case Study – Wimbledon 2014

Wimbledon 2014: keeping fans on the ball with new insight into every shot - Capturing viewers’ imagination by revealing untold stories at the world’s premier tennis tournament

Case Study – Cisco

Cisco - Predicting and preventing employee attrition with HR analytics